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Olives. Olive Leaf Tea

Tasting the Olive

an ancient tree for the modern world

"The discovery of a new dish will confer more happiness on mankind than the discovery of a new star". Jean Brillat-Savarin

In this booklet you will discover several new dishes from the 4 gifts of the olive tree. I love experimenting with the flower, the fruit, the oil and the leaf. With nearly 50 recipes I show how easy it can be to include these cleansing, healing, nutritious and revitalising products as part of our lives- for the fun of it, for the delicious tastes and for the high nutritional and medicinal value they offer. From Olive Flower Champagne, to Greek Olive Spoon Sweets, to Strawberry, Coconut & Olive Oil Ice cream to Olive Liqueur. I also introduce the olive leaf as an exciting new culinary ingredient. Frappelia, the blended fresh leaf, Olive Tea, the dried leaf, and Olepha, the powdered leaf. A unique, full flavoured, anti-oxidant-rich tonic to support today's busy lifestyle. Bon appetit


All Elaia products are handmade in small batches in my registered kitchen which looks out over our olive grove.

Olives. Dessert Olives

Dessert Olives

The finest olives, handpitted and steeped in wine syrups with rich Mediterranean flavours.
A sophisticated and indulgent gourmet delight.

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Olives. Olive and Fig

Olive & Fig

Two classic Mediterranean fruits gently simmered together with
traditional spices to produce a rich and aromatic confiture.
Serve in a panini with slices of cheddar or mix with thick cream and spread over crepes.

Also available in 220gram jar.

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Olives. Olive and Lemon

Olive & Lemon

A stylish chutney with a lively tang

An antipasto platter essential.

A perfect partner for cheese and a moreish condiment for lamb,chicken,turkey and fish.Thin 2-3 tbsp with a little oil or water and coat a warm potato salad.

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Olives. Olive Powder


Olepha is the fine green powder I process from our air-dried olive leaves. In this super convenient form the leaves are easily and efficiently absorbed into the body. You get the leaf, the whole leaf and nothing but the leaf. Strong healthy leaves bursting with all the amazing benefits- cleansing, healing, nourishing and revitalising - we now know lie behind that lovely silver- green. A unique, full-flavoured, anti oxidant-rich tonic to support today's busy lifestyle.

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Olives. Olive Leaf Tea

Olive Leaf Tea

A refreshing, cleansing, energising natural tea with a deliciously rich flavour.
Olive leaf is used to fight colds and flu, maintain healthy blood pressure, heal skin infections, support the immune system and enhance general well-being.

Now available as a NZ grown premium product.

We follow organic principles in our grove and pick, dry and package on site to ensure top quality.

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Olives. Olive Leaf Tea

Green Tea & Olive Leaf

In this unique organic blend, Sencha Green Tea and Elaia Olive Leaf combine to support the immune system, maintain healthy blood pressure and provide powerful anti-oxidant properties.

We follow organic principles in our grove and pick, dry and package on site to ensure top quality.

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