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Serving Suggestions

Elaia Gourmet Olives

Dessert Olives

Serving Suggestions

* For a simple but sophisticated appetiser drain some Elaia Dessert Olives and pat dry. Wrap in prosciutto and secure with a toothpick.
* For the cheese board, drain well and pat dry with paper towels. Serve with a creamy Blue or shaving of Parmesan.
* Place small shortcrust pastry cases on a plate. Add a dollop of thickly whipped cream, crème fraiche or mascarpone to each case and top with 2 olives and a drizzle of syrup.
* Cover a pavlova with thickly whipped cream. Just before serving arrange as many Dessert Olives as you wish and drizzle over some syrup.
* Dessert olives are the perfect topping for this delicious Italian olive oil cake. (recipe here).

Olive & Fig

These fruits are gently simmered with traditional spices, producing a rich and aromatic confiture.

Serving Suggestions

* On a wholegrain or sourdough toast for a special Sunday breakfast.
* In a panini with thin slices of a good cheddar, for lunch.
* As a topping on rounds of goat's cheese or mozarella after dinner.
* It also works beautifully as an accompaniment to roast beef, pork, smoked chicken or duck either from the jar or, as they do in France, mixed with cream and served as a sauce.

Olive & Lemon

A stylish chutney with a lively tang

Serving Suggestions

An antipasto platter essential. A perfect partner for cheese and a moreish condiment for lamb, chicken, turkey and fish.
For a simple appetiser, spread a tsp of cream cheese on a cracker.
Thin 2-3 tbsp with a little oil or warm water and gently coat a warm potato salad.

Bon appetit

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